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Features & Benefits

If you want to play Wide Receiver like a Pro then you need to start training like one! Your never going to be any good if you don’t dedicate yourself to mastering the position. In order to do that you need to have the RIGHT tools to succeed, meaning knowing what and how to do it. By following the instructions and exercises taught in  “Wide Receiver Pro; The Complete Package” you will be on on the road to developing your skills and improving your game. All aspects of your game will dramatically improve as you become a more athletic, trained, skilled and fundamentally sound Wide Receiver.


This is the COMPLETE PACKAGE for aspiring Wide Receivers! This is not just another instruction DVD this has it all and includes ALL aspects of training, running, lifting and receiver specific drills to make you the best receiver possible! If you don’t buy “Wide Receiver Pro; The Complete Package” your not giving yourself the RIGHT tools to develop and reach your true potential as a Wide Receiver!

“Somewhere right now, someone is training and when you meet them in head to head competition they will beat you!”

The “Wide Receiver Pro; The Complete Package” is the total Wide Receiver package, it will help you improve ALL ASPECT OF YOUR GAME including your Stance, Start, Release, Route-Running, Break-Point, Finger Dexterity and Strength, Hand-Eye Coordination, Catching, Blocking, Posture, Alignment, Ball Position, Tempo, Athleticism, Strength, Lifting Techniques, Body Composition, Core Stability, Work Ethic, Attitude, Discipline, Pride, Workouts, Conditioning, Speed and Ability!

  • Comprehensive and Organized – Making it Easy to Follow, DVD and Strength and Conditioning Manual Have Chapters for Easy Viewing.
  • Gives Step-by-Step Instructions and Demonstrations of Drills and Techniques.
  • Teaches the Fundamentals of the Wide Receiver Position Along with Specific Analysis.
  • Includes in-depth Strength and Conditioning Routines and Instructions Personally Customizable for All Levels.

“Wide Receiver Pro; The Complete Package”

  1. “Drills and Skills of the Pros”  60 Min Instructional DVD
  2. “Train Like a Pro Strength and Conditioning Manual” 30-Page Spiral Bound Manual
  3. “Strength and Conditioning Workout Disc:”  Pre Formatted Excel Files With Your Personal Daily Workout.