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The coaching is truly priceless

April 29, 2017

I first met Aaron Boone while I was in High school. I was so impressed at his leadership and skill. We were able to see what he accomplished at Kentucky and in the Pros and we were awe struck. Not only did he coach us and make us a far better team; he helped us become better individuals also. I will always remember what he taught me on the field. On the field just like in life, you win some and lose some. In those moments when failure is before me (us), when the fingers of critics say you can’t do it; I remember Aaron’s coaching! I remember his coaching making all the difference in games. When we were going to lose he helped us to win! Aaron knows what he is talking about! He has helped myself and many others become not only better athletes but better men. Aaron’s coaching is truly priceless and I feel so blessed to have had his influence in my life.

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